Phish Sphere 2024: No more questions

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Phish fans finally got their chance to luxuriate in the massive embrace of Sphere Las Vegas during the band’s four-night run last month. After U2 concluded their breathtaking and groundbreaking… Read more »

U2 Sphere opening night(s)

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Sphere is a magnificent and immense marvel, not only due to its immersive visual technology but also its sound system, comprised of thousands of strategically installed speakers hidden within the… Read more »


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I have a confession: I’ve read every single book about the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia. The scholarly ones, the rags, the official bios, the unofficial bios, tell-alls, archive release… Read more »

Bagel: My best friend

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My bulldog, Bagel, passed away exactly one month ago at the age of 12-and-a-half. Below is the eulogy I posted to Facebook that night through a river of tears. It… Read more »

U2 returns to The Joshua Tree

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I was immensely inspired last weekend after attending the opening shows of U2’s The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. While Vancouver acted as an unveiling of the band’s latest brilliant and… Read more »

Hearing with my eyes

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Partially deaf jazz fusion drummer Kenwood Dennard once wrote about his disability and how it puts large amounts of stress and limitations on his work when playing more rigid or heavily… Read more »